Sarah Sharples


Responsibilities: My main responsibility is ensuring my clients get a great service. In practice I spend much of my day seeing clients about their accounts and tax affairs. I also advise on their business development and act as a sounding board for their business ideas.
I also look after most of the company’s internal affairs including HR, marketing and professional compliance.
Qualifications: BSc(Hons) Psychology, Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
History: I started as an accounts trainee at Mayes Accountants in Accrington straight from University in 2002. I qualified as an accountant in 2006 and gained my practicing certificate in 2008. I look after a portfolio of clients looking after their general accountancy needs and providing business advice.
I left Mayes Accountants in 2010 to set up FS Accountants and have never looked back.
Likes: I love playing with my young daughter. When I have a spare moment I also enjoy going to the gym, attending aerial hoop and stretch classes, skiing, cocktails and nice meals out.
Dislikes: Yogurt!
If I won the lottery: I would donate a large amount of my winnings to the charity LAM Action. This is a small charity that does amazing work for the small number of women with the condition.
I would then travel the world with my husband and daughter. Currently the first trips I would take are a Nordic cruise, Marrakech and a full week yoga retreat.
Which actor would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?
Possibly Kristen Bell, she’s about my age and height. I couldn’t have anyone too tall playing me or it would look weird.
Who is your role model?
I probably have a collection of people that I admire rather than on role model.
To name just a few I think that in terms of celebrities Kylie Minogue is someone I’ve looked up to since a child. She reinvents herself all the time and has maintained a positive public persona throughout her tough times. I also really wish that I could sing!
I think that Karren Brady has set a brilliant example of women being able to achieve top jobs. She comes across as someone firm but fair.
I am inspired by anyone I meet who is achieving things through adversity. There are lots of people who have real grit and determination to achieve things and I think they are amazing!
There are also family members that have a big impact on me but if I list them out I risk offending someone!



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Elizabeth Buckley

Accounts Trainee

Responsibilities: Preparing VAT returns, accounts preparation, coffee collector
Qualifications: Level 2 AAT (Association of Accounts Technicians)
History: After studying my GCSE’s at Ribblesdale High School, I then went on to an Accountancy apprenticeship. The apprenticeship means that I go to college one day a week to study and the rest of the time I am at work. I passed my Level 2 AAT last year and I am now studying my Level 3 AAT before I go on to study Level 4 AAT.
Likes: Damian and Sarah
Dislikes: SPIDERS!!
If I won the lottery: I would carry on training to be an accountant, buy shares in companies and set up my own pole fitness studio.
Which actor would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?
Anne Hathaway, because she played the princess in ’The Princess Diaries’.
Who is your role model? My Dad as he is an accountant and has worked tirelessly to get to where he is today and has helped me through my first year of exams, and I hope to do as well as him when I am older.

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Damian Farragher


Responsibilities: I look after a range of client’s from small soletraders to much larger complex businesses. In doing this it’s taken for granted that an accountant should be excellent at the technical side of the job. But I think that there’s an additional responsibility to ensure that my clients fully understand their accounts and tax position.
Qualifications: BA (Hons), Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
History: After graduating from The University of Manchester in 2000 I started as a graduate trainee at a local accountancy firm in Accrington. Ten years later I was qualified and responsible for looking after a portfolio of clients. My role was to look after my clients accounts and tax affairs and also provide business development advice. I also trained other accountants from around the country in providing business development to their clients.
In 2010 I made the best decision of my professional life and set up FS Accountants.
Likes: I have a very young daughter. She can’t speak yet but when I get home from work she is always excited to see me. She gets so giddy that she usually lets out a strange high pitch squeal. I like that a lot.
Dislikes: I dislike actors from one soap opera turning up in another. Am I really meant to believe that June Ackland from the Bill has quit the police and moved to Emmerdale? I mean what would Reg Hollis say?!
If I won the lottery: I would fund the filming of another series of the 1990s TV program Lovejoy.
Which actor would play you in the movie adaptation of your life? Tricky one! I can’t decide between Sandra Bullock or Chuck Norris
Who is your role model? I admire George Orwell. I like people who stick by their values even if it costs them.


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Angela Parker

Bookkeeping Manager

Responsibilities: All aspects of Sage accounts including training, bookkeeping, preparation of management accounts and VAT returns.
Qualifications: QBE and Sage Accreditation
History: I started my working life with Barclays Bank. I was there for 10 years. After that I spent another 10 years running my own business before I went in to accountancy. I have worked in both industry and practice as a management accountant.
Likes: I like spending my free time reading, doing puzzles and going for walks.
Dislikes: I dislike watching most sport. This comes from having a husband who loves watching most sports and who often has control of the TV remote control. I’m not overly fond of housework either.
If I won the lottery: I would travel the world in luxury.
Which actor would play you in the movie adaptation of your life? That would have to be my twin Julia Roberts.
Who is your role model? Carol Vorderman, she’s good with numbers.


David Sutcliffe

Tax Consultant

Responsibilities: Advising on detailed tax and VAT matters as well as helping with basic tax work
Qualifications: Chartered Accountant (FCA)
History: After obtaining A levels at Accrington Grammar School, I went straight into a local accountancy practice where I served my articles. After completing articles, I moved on to a Manchester firm which has since been swallowed up by a bigger practice. I eventually set up my own practice but, in 1979, found myself running an unrelated family business. When this business eventually ceased, I decided to accept an offer of employment at Mayes Accountants. Up until 1997, I had been an all rounder, dealing with accounts, tax and VAT. However, with the onset of Self Assessment, I began to specialise in tax and worked in the tax department at Mayes until 2012. Since that time, I have been a consultant with FS Accountants.
Likes: Most sports, especially football and snooker, quizzes, travelling, spending time with my family and reading (especially Lee Child and Harlan Coben, and I enjoyed the Stig Larsson trilogy and would no doubt have enjoyed more from him had he lived).
Dislikes: Cheating, poor service and hugely overpriced food.
If I won the lottery: Probably a world cruise and buy houses for all my offspring in St Annes so that we could all see more of each other.
Which actor would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?
Daniel Craig. He would make it much more exciting!!
Who is your role model?
Steve Davis. Made the best of his talents with dedication and has an often underrated sense of humour.


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